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Mountain Health Co is a nutrition and exercise company focused on changing lives for the better through educating people on how to make informed, consistent and improved decisions related to nutrition, exercise and well being.

We understand every person is individual with regards goals, bodies, lifestyles, responsibilities, and circumstances. This is our foundation. Having this solid foundation enables us to provide each and every person we have contact with the best advice to help them achieve, wherever they may be in the world.


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If you believe your food is affecting your health, this is the test for you. By using the latest technology we analyse 4-5 strands of hair, and test it for 750 food and non-food items,. Such as gluten, lactos, milk, wheat and egg intolerance. We scan the same hair for any nutritional deficiencies your body might have and also the most common metals, in order for you to change your diet to be the best you. We are all unique and you deserve to know what your body wants! Send us your hair and let us do the rest. Testing your intolerance’s and sensitivities with no doctor visits. A non-invasive alternative to traditional intolerance and sensitivity testing and screening. 

Mountain Health Co have become a preferred partner of Outback Health Test, to act as an agent for their bio resonance intolerance tests. This means we are able to offer the tests at a discounted rate allowing our clients to gain an understanding of their intolerances for a fraction of the cost. Tests are completed at Outback Health Test's facility in Western Australia. For any further information that's not provided below please visit www.outbackhealthtest.co.au or contact Mountain Health Co. Outback Health Test will send your results directly via the email address you provide on your submission form. A submission form will be available to download after checkout with instructions how to complete the test and where to send your samples to. 
Once you have received your results your likely to have questions regarding what to do next and that's where we come in. Mountain Health Co will study your test results for you with your consent and create an action report of what to do next. We will look at the foods that are causing you the greatest issues and then look at alternatives to these without compromising your nutrition intake. You will be provided with a detailed action plan which will guide you through the process with the aim of eliminating intolerances within your diet.


The safest way to take a hair sample is by asking someone to help you. First, brush your hair upwards to get easy access to the hair roots and the back of your head. Hold a small amount of hair between your finger and thumb, and cut the hair as close to the scalp as possible (without pulling any blood). If you do not have someone who can help you, please use a mirror to avoid accidentally hurting yourself.


When your order is successfully completed, instructions will be sent to your email along with your receipt (i.e. we will not send test kits). Simply take 4–5 hair strands from your scalp, put them in an envelope along with a completed form (instructions are emailed post order).


The test includes one intolerance test, one nutritional deficiency test and one metal test. Your intolerance test results include all items that have shown a score of 85% and higher. After completing thousands of tests, We now know that 85% is the turning point where symptoms begin to develop into an allergy/intolerance.


In addition to being less invasive and significantly cheaper, your last meal may affect the results of a blood sample, whereas a hair sample has the information stored for a longer period and reflects a wider time frame.


There is quite a big difference between being allergic, intolerant, or hypersensitive to a substance however, the symptoms often resemble each other. For those who get ill from their diet, it may feel equally bad. The devil is known by many names, some might say. Our test results will shed a light on what intolerances you might have, in other words, which ingredients to avoid. An intolerance may pass after a period of time, while an allergy lasts for life.

Disclaimer: Bioresonance is categorised under Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) which covers a wide range of therapies that fall outside mainstream medicine. As a CAM, Bioresonance therapy is recognised as a proven therapy method by practitioners and peers Worldwide. Conventional medicine does not currently recognise Bioresonance as it has not been subject to scientific research. Our test and this website does not make a medical diagnosis nor is it intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider if you have a medical condition or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and/or medical symptoms. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. All probable or possible diagnoses generated by the test or this website need to be discussed and confirmed with a qualified medical practitioner. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or the emergency services immediately. Reliance on any information provided by this Website is solely at your own risk. Some of the content on this Website may be provided by third parties and we are not in a position to verify this content. We do not warrant that any such third party content is true, accurate or complete. Our test does not measure type IgE allergies or IgG antibodies. Since these reactions can be serious, you should seek the help of an allergy specialist.