Our Mission:

Mountain Health Co is a nutrition and exercise company focused on changing lives for the better through educating people on how to make informed, consistent and improved decisions related to nutrition, exercise and well being.

We understand every person is individual with regards goals, bodies, lifestyles, responsibilities, and circumstances. This is our foundation. Having this solid foundation enables us to provide each and every person we have contact with the best advice to help them achieve, wherever they may be in the world.


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Mountain Health Co offers tailored one to one and online personal training. With our training designed specifically to you it's suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Clients come to us for many reasons, from losing weight after pregnancy to just generally wanting to keep fit and healthy. We gather all this information in our initial consultation before we design your tailored plan, meaning we get the full potential out of each and every client.

Our one to one training sessions and consultations are held at our boutique home studio in the Perth hills, Roleystone. Set among the native Australian bush to provide a relaxed training environment away from the hustle of the city. The studio is private and your guaranteed to have sole occupancy throughout your sessions, removing any apprehension of entering a gym environment and letting you focus on improving your health and fitness. We are also currently in the design phase of creating a outdoor fitness area so that our clients can enjoy getting back to nature in the coming months. For our online clients, consultations will be conducted by video or phone call which ever you prefer and all documents such as your program supplied via email.

(Please note: We can provide training sessions at other locations subject to request, please contact for details.)


Stage 1: Initial Consultation.

The initial consultation is our first meeting and gives us the opportunity to perform some basic fitness tests, take body composition measurements and ask you related questions to understand why you have decided to take this journey. All the information we gather helps us create an overall picture when coming to the planning phase and enables us to fully tailor an effective plan for your needs. That being said anything your don't feel comfortable answering or with can be removed and we can move on. Below are some of the question topics your can expect to be asked.

  • Your Goals - We look at exactly what you want to achieve from working together. That could be anything from reaching a specific weight, to strengthening certain muscle groups for athletic performance. Every client is individual and we find out your goals because ultimately these are going to be your driving force when it comes to motivation.

  • Timescales - Establishing how long realistically we have to help you achieve your goals safely and without causing injury or illness.

  • Restraints - What facilities and equipment you have access to if not training solely in our studio? Do you have any upcoming family commitments? These are all questions we need to ask to create the perfect programme for you, whilst keeping it realistic, effective and maintainable.

  • History - We look at what training you have undertaken in the past if any. What you liked, what you didn't? Also discussing previous or current injuries will again help us create and overall picture to be able to structure a truly personalised programme for you to follow.

Stage 2: Personalised training programme.

With now having a better understanding of you as a person, your goals and restraints we go away and create you a tailor made programme to achieve your goals. This is where the differences between one on one and online personal training come into effect.

  • One on one - Clients who have opted for one on one training will be given their programme at the first scheduled session. We discuss the programme and conduct your first session. At this stage you are then free to take the programme we have designed and either continue it yourself without our help. Continue the plan for example once a week with us and the rest by yourself. Or finally complete the programme solely with us at the studio. It really is up to you and how you wish to proceed. If you would like to continue with us it's as simple as booking extra sessions online, and the more you buy at once the greater the discounts available.

  • Online - If you have opted to work with us online after your initial video consultation we will go away and create your tailored programme. Your programme will then be delivered to you via email with any other supporting documentation we feel you require after our initial consultation for you to go away and follow. Please note programme lengths for online clients will be for a maximum of six weeks. The reasoning for this is that your body will begin to plateau between four to eight weeks and we will need to introduce further stimulus to continue your progression to see the best results. At this stage if you wish to continue working with us just book another online package and we will have a second consultation to discuss how the previous programme went and move your programme forward.

Stage 3: Support and accountability.

You can be sure you will have our support and we will keep you on track through the whole process. For clients who we work with one on one you will obviously have a lot more direct contact with your coach but that doesn't mean our online clients miss out. All clients online or one on one have access to the below support by working with us.

  • Direct contact via Whatspp or email 24/7. Have a question regarding your program or anything that you feel we can help with regarding your health and fitness then send us a message. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

  • Access to our client Facebook group which means you have the support of not only your coach but our growing community of like minded people.

  • Injured, travelling for work or sudden family commitment let us know and we will tweak things to keep you on track.

  • Check in's from your coach because we actually care. This maybe our job but its also our passion and we are committed to helping you succeed.

So there you have it, a generic view of what working with Mountain Health Co will entail. Please take a look through the pricing below. We hope to have the opportunity to work together to achieve your goals in the not to distant future.

(Please note for bookings in other currency please contact us directly to make payment.)

PEAK PROGRAMME: (Online) $99 AUD  

Duration: 6 weeks


Duration: 2 x 1 hours sessions


Duration: 1 hour

  • After your initial consultation and first training session it's time to book in further sessions as you require.


Duration: 1 hour

  • After your initial consultation and first training session it's time to book in further sessions as you require. By training with a mate you can save and split the cost, whilst spending time with your mates. Please note both friends must have been through the initial consultation and session package before this rate can apply.


Duration: 5 x 1 hour sessions

  • After your initial consultation and first training session it's time to book in further sessions as you require. by purchasing a bundle you save money and further commit to a healthier you.


Duration: 10 x 1 hour sessions

  • After your initial consultation and first training session it's time to book in further sessions as you require. by purchasing a bundle you save money and further commit to a healthier you.